Legal Compliance

Maintaining robust cyber and information security and safety in your organisation – whatever its size or nature of its business – is vital for many reasons. Remaining legally compliant is a very important one. Apart from safeguarding against the many issues mentioned on this website, it can be easy to forget that breaches in security or simply poor controls can result in falling foul of the law.

This page briefly outlines some of the most common laws and regulations of which your organisation and / or its employees could be in contravention of or need protection through, as a result of insufficient knowledge or controls.

Data protection

Relates to personal information on customers, employees, patients or other individuals

Privacy and electronic communications regulations

Relates to the rights of consumers and businesses to selecting what communications they wish or do not wish to receive, restrictions on the use of location data and similar areas

Computer misuse

Relates to unauthorised access to computer systems, including hacking

Contract law

Relates to obligations under contracts between organisations and / or individuals, which involve confidentiality, correct storage and handling of data and similar considerations

Intellectual property

Relates to unauthorised copying or plagiarism of legally-protected material, content, designs, images and products and services

Illicit material

The downloading, storage or transmission of content / images of an abusive, violent, sexual, hate, racist or homophobic nature by employees on your devices or systems


Deception perpetrated online for the purpose of financial gain